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Drag Queen

Drag Queen

"Drag Queen" is the term for a male person who wears elaborate women's clothing Hairstyles and make-up as well as the typically female habitus point out the gender differences in everyday life in an artistic or entertaining way.
drag-queen-csd-munich I want to provoke a provocative reaction by imitating a woman's behavior in public. 

However, a drag queen has little in common with transvestites. Travesty is its own stage genre, an art form in which the drag artist imitates various famous personalities in order to attract a paying audience entertain.

However, the boundaries between transgenders or transvestites are often blurred, as can be seen in the example of Tom Neuwirth alias Conchita Wurst, the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. Conchita's motives for her characteristic look of a woman with a full beard lie primarily as a statement against discrimination, as Tom was bullied in his youth because of his homosexuality.

 Women also use clothing and habitus to make a political and social statement on the street, while shopping, in the disco, i.e. everywhere in public. In this case one speaks of a drag king. This person can be a heterosexual crossdresser, as well as transgender or homosexual.


It is also characteristic of a drag king that, like a trans woman, he represents a solid personality and takes a drag king name.

There is an essential difference between the terms “drag queen” or “transgender” or “transvestite “. But the differences are often transient.

A drag queen or drag artist does not necessarily belong to the group of trans women and trans identity. Conchita Wurst, for example, is an artist but also a transitionally trans woman with a trans identity. Of course, the same applies to drag kings. In this context, you should also know that the woman not only wears typically male clothing, but also portrays stereotypical male behavior.

A drag king can also be of male biological sex, feel like a woman, but still exaggerate typical male behavior, such as machismo. In the subcultural scene, the term is used for drag king activities "Kinging".

It doesn't matter whether the woman is biologically male or female. With us you get numerous fantastic products to perfectly implement the transformation into a woman.

Silicone breasts and breast prostheses, push-up and padded pants as well as women's shoes in oversizes, you can find everything in the Transshop. We also offer stockings, suspenders, negligees and wigs. Professional make-up and cosmetics, from fingernails to eyelashes, help you to skillfully express your own personality or political statement. So you can look exactly how you feel, whether drag queen, drag king, crossdresser and everyone Transgender.

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